Magical Realism Fine Art.

Limited-edition Art by the creator of the highly acclaimed series of ‘Lonely Houses’.

Sejkko Fine Art Arctic Sun on a Gray Wall

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Sejkko is a fine-art photographer (and also a scientist in the areas of cognitive science and artificial intelligence) known for his work in visual magical realism. His series of Lonely Houses has received a lot of attention by the press (see press coverageinstagram account, and more detailed info.

Collections of Sejkko’s artworks are available here as limited editions, certified art prints for sale.  Some of the artworks not available are part of smaller sets of limited editions. If you are a collector, or have any questions, get in touch. Some other artworks appear as temporary editions ina running series called Aleke.

Featured Artwork

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The Arctic Sun (2016) Lorka format
Measures 18.9 x 18.9 inches (printed area)
Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® 308gsm
Limited Edition, 996 reproductions. 
Includes acid-free sticker certificate on the back; numbered and signed, with further holographic tamper proof seal.
Sold unframed.

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Family Tree

Fine Art Prints – Media and Sizes

Art Prints Sejkko Family Tree

Sejkko Artworks are available in a family of different formats. Family members include fine-art paper to frame, and ready-to-hang options in Chromaluxe Art®.  Find specific info about formats and sizes at the bottom of this section. Or read more detailed info below.

Printing Media

Sejkko artworks are available in two printing media. The first is the classical, museum-quality, fine art cotton paper. The chosen paper brand is Hahnemühle, a company funded in 1584 that has worked continuously in the production of the best fine art papers available.

The look of sejkko prints in Hahnemühle paper is velvety, with saturated and vibrant warm tones, particularly yellows and reds, with very pastel almost muted blues and pinks.

When choosing to acquire fine art prints on Hahnemühle it is strongly recommended that they are framed by a specialist. They are experts in working out the perfect “micro-climate” to create for the paper-based print. This way two things are achieved: (1) the print is shown at its best  (2) the print is protected from potentially harmful environmental conditions, namely humidity and UV radiation.

The other printing medium available is novel, and ground-breaking: Chromaluxe Art.  The printing  process uses a technique of dye sublimation  to transfer the digital source image to a slimline aluminium plate. Then the print has a matt, gloss (and soon, semi-gloss) finish applied. These 1.2mm thin metal prints have an intense colour depth and vibrance, which has been often compared with the now extinct Cibachrome prints.

Chromaluxe is perceptually very different from fine-art paper prints. Images on chromaluxe are perceived as having very fine detail, and a deep sense of three dimensional presence,  as if they were being lit from the back. The fact that no front glass is needed — indeed very discouraged — also impacts on how chromaluxe Art prints are perceived.

The Print Families

Sejkko’s online shop for limited edition fine art prints currently contains six format families that combine sizes, and printing media in very specific ways. Each family has a set limited edition upper bound (max. number of certified copies). This determines the final price of each print in a given family.

Expand on the family names below to see specific details, and have access to the products in each.