In this post I announce the third round of the limited time edition Aleke prints, available in the online shop until April 1st 2017. It has two images, and for the first time I am adding one that is not in the traditional square format, it is called Sunset Bridge (click to see specific details) and it is a very recent photo.

Sejkko Fine Art Photography | Aleke 3.1 | sunset bridge

Here is a 100% crop of a portion of the print so that you can see how it looks when you get really really close to it

Sejkko Fine Art Photography | sunset bridge 100% crop

Sunset bridge | 100% crop

And as promised this Aleke round comes with a Lonely House. This one is very peculiar, and I love it for that. I called it Unlikely Chance (click to see more print details).

Sejkko Fine Art Photography | Aleke 3 | unlikely chances

And now the 100% crop section.


Prints are currently available for sale on the European Union, United States, Norway, Australia, and Hong Kong. If you are interested in having prints sold and shipped to a different country, send me a message using the contact form.

In the next post, I will present and review the work of one of my favourite artists. She is German, elusive, rather mysterious, magical even if a bit distubing and has done some deeply moving portraits of children. Stay Tuned.

Love always,

Sejkko x


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I am a Fine Art Photographer and Scientist, known for my Lonely Houses and other work in Magical Realism.

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