For those of you who visit my fine art photography online shop regularly, you will have noticed that a number (eight to be exact) of photos originally included in the Debut collection is gone.

This decision was made for the sake of keeping the guiding soul, and concept of this first collection pure.

Debut is about Lonely houses — houses seen from a distance, as ethereal entities. Some of them are images forming in our eyes’ mind. Some are memories, of something that is now gone. Others are simply vague notions, of a place we may be moving towards.

All of them are about embracing aloneness as a strength, and no longer loneliness as a weakness.

I am deeply grateful to those who decided to buy artworks from the other set that — until today — supplemented the Debut collection. Notably the cataloguer, the red barrel, the red tree and balloons were among the top favourites in this set. Some of these prints will re-appear as Aleke prints later this year.

For those of you who have enquired, and are interested in works that are not currently available for purchase as physical prints, feel free to contact me to talk about it.

Finally, in this post I am super excited to announce that in my local neighbourhood in Lisbon, my local coffeeshop has partnered with me to exhibit some of my prints. The exhibition will focus on some Lorka works, but the focus is on expired Aleke works that will be available there. For those of you in Lisbon this will start on April 15th, at the Brick Cafe in Lisbon. More details soon.

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I am a Fine Art Photographer and Scientist, known for my Lonely Houses and other work in Magical Realism.

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