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Aleke III

In this post I announce the third round of the limited time edition Aleke prints, available in the online shop until April 1st 2017. It has two images, and for the first time I am adding one

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Sejkko Fine Art House with Freckles Featured


The debut collection contains sixteen artworks, eight of which are lonely houses. They embody playfulness, intuition, respect, estoicism, authenticity, the awareness of nature and the cosmos, and honouring genetic memory. These are the elements that form

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Sejkko Fine Art Portraiture People so Close featured

Portfolio: People So Close

I had spent almost three years walking my brain over the vast lands of iPhone photography, to more sophisticated equipment. My perception was changing very fast. One day I realised I was trying to acquire

Sejkko Fine Art House with Stripes Aleke Featured

The new Aleke fine art print.

The new Aleke fine art print is the latest format in our family. This is the most affordable of all the formats currently available. Aleke comes with a little twist: the availability of each fine art print

Sejkko Fine Art in the News and Media featured

New Year: in the media.

This first month of 2017 was packed with excitement. First the opening of my online shop. Then, the series of lonely houses has been featured again by international media as well as Portuguese news. I am deeply grateful.

Sejkko Fine Art Prints for Sale

My Fine Art Prints for Sale

It has been a long journey. I never wanted to just print, pack and send. Now I have a collection of fine art prints for sale, printed, certified and packed with the standard I was

Sejkko Fine Art Artificial Intelligence And Creativity Featured

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity.

One of the most complete accounts of the mechanisms of creativity I have studied was presented by Margaret Boden in her book, The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms (Boden, 1990). Her account starts by discarding

Sejkko Fine Art Dante Project Featured

Dante’s hell, in 4321.

Dante Alighieri wrote la Divina Commedia in 1321. Through its many doors, this poem has been revisited over and over. The notion of duality in the universe always hits every culture at some point. My

Sejkko Fine Art Ren Hang Review Featured

Ren Hang

I think that for Ren Hang, being Chinese seems to only have managed to amplify his sense of freedom (some may call it mischief). But on a closer examination of his words, actually that is

Sejkko Fine Art Shoji Ueda Review Featured

Shoji Ueda

Not long ago somebody from Japan contacted me via my facebook page to tell me the photos I post on instagram made her think of a Japanese photographer I had never heard about until then.