Debut contains the first artworks released as limited edition art prints. The techniques used for this materialising this collection were Chromaluxe Art dye sublimation on aluminium panels, and pigment inkjet printing Hahnemühle on PhotoRag Fine-Art Paper. Both of these printing media have exceptional archival qualities.

The main character of Debut is an adolescent who feels as if they had been suddenly dropped in an unknown, and strange universe. Their every-day, ordinary life was a sequence of lonely moments.  The space between those moments was often filled with a deep longing for a different reality — Something that felt like a vague  memory of a another place and time. Sometimes, between the lonely moments, there was also the discovery of that new world. The interplay between all these elements unfolds into a story about healing, finding home, identity, and from that space, experiencing and gaining insight about interconnectedness.

Specific artwork information is available when clicking their title below.

The House of Video Games
Nature Wins in the End
My Inner Arctic Sun
Grandfather Genes
House with Freckles
The Stockholm Citizen
Quirky Fellow

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I am a Fine Art Photographer and Scientist, known for my Lonely Houses and other work in Magical Realism.