The Debut collection is the first formal release of the lonely houses as fine-art prints. The eight houses in the series tell the story of a character that goes through a deep process of personal transformation. In this process, the main character deals with the unsuccessful search for a soul-tribe to belong to, and the subsequent deep loneliness that ensues. There is then a period of denial, and inner paralysis. The last part, is about conquering a space to exist in wholesome aloneness; to own and realise their identity. To exist peacefully in the constant fluxes of interconnection and interaction with the internal and external cosmos, as time unfolds, in the present.

Orthogonal to this main story, the houses of the Debut series also speak about polarities that too often cannot find a middle point where they can co-exist.

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The House of Video Games
Nature Wins in the End
The Arctic Sun
The House with Freckles

Posted by sejkko

I am a Fine Art Photographer and Scientist, known for my Lonely Houses and other work in Magical Realism.